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FELIPE LETTERSTEN - Hijos de Nuestra Tierra

He exhibited his work in many countries
around the world, among them are:

Feria Internacional del Pacifico
Expo Sevilla
Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Sweeden, USA,
Italy, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and
All of South America ........

Some of the 250 statues at his funeral


He would have to convince the person to trust him, this was the most difficult part.
Then he would make a frame or structure with steel rods and wire and then completely cover the model with plaster of paris (fast dry).. Once dry he would split open the mould and let the model free. After that, in his workshop in Lima, he would pour plaster in the mould and get a plaster statue whichh he retouched and added the details.Another nould was made and this was casted in bronze or poliuretame fiber.

Entrance to an exhibit. Peru

He reproduced many aboriginal indian individuals with their native clothes, ornaments and tools and in typical everyday attitudes.

Siux, Navajo, Apache, Algoquian, Cheyene, Hopi were some of the north american tribes he portrayed.

Quechua and Aymara from the Andes.

Bora, Campa Machiguenga, Ezeja, Iquitos, Jibaro, Conibos, Shipibos, Cashinaua.........from Peru

Camayura, Tumbe, Yanomami, Parakanas, Araras....from Brasil

Caribe, Llanero , .......from Venezuela, among many other tribes were visited and their members posed for Felipe.

At Home

In his garden

Felipe, and his son Tomas, lived in a house designed by himself on the grounds of the family business (Feria del Pacifico). There he had a large garden were he grew beatifull plants he colected on his trips. A small area in which he grew vegetables and a mini stable were he bred chikens, ducks, pigs, goats, cows, guinea pigs and other animals for his own needs.

He was basically a "country boy", always smiling and in a good mood, he loved life and people. His many friends attended the many original parties he held at his place.