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FELIPE LETTERSTEN - Hijos de Nuestra Tierra


This site is dedicated to the memory of FELIPE LETTERSTEN, a Swedish - Peruvian artist who dedicated his life to the knowledge and protection of the "Sons of our Land".

He was a total artist, but mainly throu sculpture he tried to capture in bronze the phisical characteristics of the indiginouse people of the Americas. Most of them in danger of extintion.

My name is Tullio Peschiera, I was a a friend of Felipe, and part of the assosiation he founde called "Hijos de Nuestra Tierra" ( Sons of our Land ),in order to continue with his desire of of making the statues of all the different tribes or etnias of the Americas. from the north to the south poles. He managed to get 252 statues after travelling, with his team, on hts boat, the "Pachacutec", the rivers of the Amazon Basin of Peru, Colombia, Brasil, and Bolivia

He was very special in my estimation.


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Felipe with Indian boy model