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A Brief Family History

How we all got here...

Our family is original of the small town
of NE, on the outskirts of CHIAVARI,

The first Peschiera to arrive in Peru
was LUIGI, who set up an Hotel in Lima,
Hotel Italia, in 1820. In 1859 came
his nephew Paolo, with his second wife
Teresa Brignole ( Uruguayan).from his
first marriage he had two sons,
Marco Aurelio and Antonio.

My branch of the family as far back I
know, starts in NE with

GIACOMMO Peschiera and Paola Mangiante
one of who´s children came to Peru:

DOMENICO Peschiera, born in Chiavari 1831
died in Lima in 1890.He came to Peru and
married Teresa Rosasco and had 8 children:

Antonio, married Carolina Pastorelli
Giovanni, who married his cousin
Angelita Podesta Peschiera
Catalina, who married Luigi Peri
Rosa, who married Esteban Gandolfo
Maria Octavia, married Luigi Nicollini
Luisa, who married .... Podesta
Romilda, who married Michele Tealdo and
EMILIO, married Giovanna Busso Robatti.

Emilio and Giovanna had 5 children:

Ester, who married Oscar Florez
Oscar, who married Isabella Magnani
and Leila King-Grey
Mario, who married Graciela Idiaquez
Raul, who married Marta Venegas and
TULIO, who married Laura Magnani

Tulio and Laura had 2 children:

Tullio, single
JORGE, married Maria Elena Trujillo

Jorge and Maria Elena had 1 child:


Related Surnames :

Busso - Ronco - Morandi - Robbati - Guazzi - Rossasco
Peri - Nicolini - Azzolini - Mangiante - Tealdo - Gandolfo
Podesta - Pastorelli

Maps of the family´s place of origin

From Genova to Ne
passing Chiavari & Portofino

Map of the Chiavari area