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Peschiera - Busso

Emilio Peschiera y Giovanna Busso

The Peschiera Busso were 5 children born to Teofilo Davide Emilio Peschiera Rosasco and Giovanna Delia Busso Robatti.
They were:
Ester, Oscar, Tulio, Mario and Raul

Peschiera Busso brothers 1949

ESTER, married Oscar Florez Leon ,had two daughters:

Rossanna, who married Alberto Del Solar, and had 2 sons Alberto and Ignacio, and a daughter Rossanna

Rocio, who married Augusto Cilloniz, who had3 sons :
Emilio, Rodrigo and MATIAS and 1 daughter ....

OSCAR, who married Isabella Magnani and had two sons:

Oscar E., who married Georgina Brown and had three children:

Georgie Anne, Ricardo and Franco.

And Ernerto E., now married to Mirella Martire. Previously married to Rossana Zela, with whom had three children:

Adriana, Camilla and Juan Diego.

On second, marriage, Oscar wed Leila King-Grey and had two sons:

Emilio and Gabriel.

MARIO, who married Graciela Idiaquez, and had 3 children:
Mario Luis,who married Claudine Luza, Veronica, who married.... Cilloniz and Sandra who married.......

RAUL. who married Marta Venegas and had 4 children:
Raul, who died young. Grazzia, who married...., Paola, who married....., and Daniella, who married....

TULIO, who married Laura Magnani Guazzi and had two sons:

Tullio, who was single and

Jorge who married Maria Elena Trujillo Neugebauer, who had one son,





Isabella Magnani and the 4 Peschiera - Busso very tall brothers